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Understanding the Timeline of Career Management Support at the Brooks School MPA Program

Posted by Cornell MPA Program Admissions Team on 8/26/22 1:57 PM

Millie Reed, Assistant Director of the Office of Career Management at the Cornell Brooks School MPA program — is committed to giving you the tools you need to put your MPA degree to work in the competitive job market, whether you’re a current student or a valued alum.

In the Cornell Brooks School MPA program, we will help you assemble an individualized career plan and provide you with the tools you need to succeed, from how to write a compelling resume and cover letter, intentionally network, and conduct yourself during a job interview. 

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Timeline of Professional and Career Management Support:

Here is a quick breakdown of the timeline of support you will receive in the Cornell Brooks School MPA program.


Even before your first MPA semester at the Cornell Brooks School MPA program, Millie Reed reaches out to ask that you complete the Career Interest Survey and submit a draft of your resume/CV. 

Providing this information in advance will be helpful as Cornell’s MPA professionals reach out to potential employers for both summer and full-time internships/employment opportunities — before you even step foot in the classroom.

Year 1

Required in your first semester, you will take PADM 5009: a course taught by Millie Reed that introduces students to hands-on opportunities for job search and information tailored to the individual student’s interest and personality. 

This course will prepare MPA students to enter the job market with the expertise to launch a successful career as well as obtain professional skills necessary to be leaders in public affairs.

We also offer informative, helpful panels related to how to market your MPA and networking events with alumni.

FT3okPzXoAQ5SJH-1-1Year 2

Most students undertake an internship during the summer between their first and second year of study. The Office of Career Management assists you in finding a position that matches your interests and professional goals.

Cornell’s MPA also offers three options for off-campus study during the academic year. Each of these opportunities is designed to complement your studies and provide opportunities for networking and exposure to challenging professional environments.


Students who graduate from the Cornell Brooks School MPA program continue to receive networking opportunities and professional support from faculty, staff, and alumni well into their careers. 

Millie Reed continues to be a resource for MPA graduates, and the Office of Career Management can be used as a network to alumni throughout their professional careers.

At the Cornell Brooks School, we support you as you work towards getting an MPA.

At the Ivy League Cornell Brooks School MPA program, we are looking for students of exceptional quality who have the analytical, leadership, and communication skills necessary to succeed in a career serving the public in government, nonprofit, or for-profit sectors. 

Through our MPA program, we produce driven professionals who are well equipped to enter the field of public affairs and make a real, tangible difference. Take the first step; start building a career that is going to equip you to transform the world. Connect with us today!


Download "The Cornell Brooks School MPA Guide to Professional Development and Career Management" for professional development tips, information on jobs for MPA graduates, and more!

Unlock the Professional Development Guide

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