Cornell Public Affairs Society 2018 Board Reflects on the Past Year

Cornell Public Affairs Society 2018 Board Reflects on the Past Year-image

The Cornell Public Affairs Society, better known as CPAS, is the peer-led governing organization for CIPA. CPAS officers are responsible for organizing professional and social activities throughout the year, including events for career development, community outreach and networking. Officers from the first-year class are elected each November and take office in January; they serve for one calendar year.

The CPAS Officers from the Class of 2018, all who are getting an MPA and all who will be graduating from CIPA next month, offer a look back at the things they accomplished during their year. 

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The members of the 2018 CPAS Board would like to thank CIPA students, faculty, and staff for their support with events and programming throughout our time on the executive board! We had a blast organizing so many great professional and social events where the CIPA community could come together and enjoy. 

2018 CPAS Board Highlights

  • Donating over $1,300 to the 2019 CIPA Giving Day that was raised at the 2018 CIPA Oscars Fundraising Gala.
  • Increased attendance, participation, and feedback of overall CPAS programming
  • Developed frameworks and campus relationships to increase capacity 

It was the mission of our board to provide quality, informative, and fun programs to bring the CIPA community together. Here is an overview of the programming from the 2018 CPAS board. 

Professional Events

  • CPAS Speaker Series: UN Assistant Secretary-General Jane Connors
  • CPAS Townhall with DGS Sharon Tennyson
  • CPAS Townhall with Tom O’Toole, Millie Reed, and Kayla Malone
  • CIPA Student Speaks I with Hongdi Zhao and Katie Egan
  • CIPA Student Speaks II with Sharlene Castle and Alexandria Maloney
  • CIPA Faculty Speaks with Raza Rumi
  • 2nd Year Fellow Employment Career Panel
  • “A Moment of Motivation” Mid-Semester Check-in and Internship Sharing Circle

Social Events

  • 2018 CIPA Fundraising Gala: An Evening at the Oscars at the Moakley House
  • Joint Lunar New Year Celebration (7+ Organizations; led by CPAS)
  • Patrick’s Day Party (Joint with Law School and MILR)
  • CIPAS Got Talent: Karaoke Night
  • Welcome Back Great Gatsby Cocktail Party at Argos (Joint with MILR)
  • Homecoming Tailgate (Joint with MHA and MPH)
  • Cornell Grad Halloween Mega Private Party (Law School. Business School, MILR, & others)
  • Friendsgiving Potluck hosted by the CPAS International Representative

The 2018 CPAS Board

  • President - Claudia Ro
  • Vice President - Bethany Jones/Cara Pratt
  • Treasurer - Felix Cheng
  • Secretary - Halle Mahoney
  • Social Chair - Alexandria J. Maloney
  • Alumni Chair - Elgin Ford II
  • International Representatives: Marcell Fischler, Trista Yuan
  • First Year Representatives: Kate Long, Grant O’Brien

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