Improve People's Lives by Studying International Development Policy

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If you want to make a difference in the world, you have to start with passion. No matter the challenges, people with passion put their skills to the test in service to others every single day. A career focused in international development requires passion and the ability to move from big-picture thinking and an understanding of global developments, to the smallest details of community life and policy implementation on the ground in countries that are growing and changing rapidly.

If you’re someone with passion and vision who wants to improve people’s lives around the world, Cornell’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) with a concentration in International Development Studies might be the next step for you.

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International Development Studies — Explained:

International Development Studies is a concentration option within Cornell University’s Master of Public Administration program. This concentration prepares you for policy development and administrative work in developing countries. This concentration helps students understand both the broad and specific contexts in which international development decisions are made and implemented.

When getting an MPA focused on International Development Studies at Cornell, you develop a unique breadth and depth of knowledge across disciplines like anthropology, economics, management, biotechnology, and psychology. You are also preparing for responsible, thoughtful service as a global leader. The interdisciplinary background of a Cornell MPA provides graduates with the skills needed to think critically and compassionately in order to do the work that serves local and global communities across cultures and places.

When you graduate with a concentration in International Development Studies, you will have the ability to develop and implement policy solutions that are powerfully human and powerfully practical, bringing cutting-edge training in economics, management, finance, and law to bear on challenging policy questions.

Here’s What You Can Do with an MPA in International Development Studies:

A background in International Development Studies can translate to any number of roles in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Whether your dream career looks like a job as a diplomat, analyst, country director, monitoring and evaluation specialist, or program officer, your training in International Development Studies opens doors to opportunity in countries around the world.

Perhaps more importantly, your Master of Public Administration degree coupled with an International Development Studies concentration could land you in roles that are fast-paced and focused on real people and problems on the ground. You could be introducing agricultural techniques to improve food security, connecting communities to the global marketplace, improving water sanitation for a region, evaluating programs on behalf of international organizations, or helping people get access to micro-loans.

Here are some examples of the kinds of workplaces that will value your background in International Development Studies:

  • Inter-American Development Bank

  • International Food Policy Research Institute

  • UN Development Programme

  • UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • UN World Food Programme

  • UN Agency for International Development

  • The World Bank

Here at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, we’re committed to helping our master’s students get the real-world experience they need in order to make decisions about their ideal career trajectory. Through our MPA program, you could experience an externship in Mysore, India or secure a summer or semester internship.

Here are some examples of places where Cornell’s MPA students have worked during their course of study:

  • Organization of American States

  • The Council on Foreign Relations

  • Environmental Defense Fund

  • Habitat for Humanity International

  • Inter-American Development Bank

  • International Labour Organization

  • U.S. Agency for International Development

  • World Wildlife Fund

  • The World Bank

Coupled with your passion for improving lives, a Cornell MPA with a focus on International Development Studies gives you vision and the skills to lead others in solving complex, interdisciplinary development challenges. No matter what role or field you choose to pursue, these skills pave the way for career advancement and success.

Focus Your MPA Study on International Development; The World is Waiting:

Human beings and our shared environment are counting on the policy action of passionate, compassionate professionals who are willing to think about both details and the big picture. Those who work on the front lines of international development are shaping the world we will live in tomorrow, using their vision to create positive change.

If you are a passionate, mission-driven person who wants to shape not just a career, but a legacy, the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs MPA can prepare you to tackle pressing local and global challenges in developing countries around the world. Request more information or apply online today!

Explore our digital resource — An Educational Guide for Future Leaders in Public Affairs — for tips and tools related to pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree and a career in public affairs!

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